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The free, fast & easy QR Code Scanner and iBeacon reader.

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Lighthouse Will Guide You

Lighthouse Scanner is an easy way to amplify the world through technology. Designed for ease of use, and focused on features you want, Lighthouse makes bridging technologies such as QR codes and iBeacons easy to manage.

The focus on real world usage first lets Lighthouse take a clean and accessible approach. Simply put, it gets you where you want to go.

While being easy to use is a breath of fresh air, what about power users? That's where Lighthouse really shines. Through contextual history, location mapping, 3rd party browser and application support, Lighthouse gives you ALL the data, without burying you under it. It also allows you to make your own decisions about your experience.

With it's rich history and map views, Lighthouse Scanner keeps you connected with your content. What you use will stick with you without any extra effort.

New technologies are coming every day and Lighthouse plans to stay on top of them for you. Through early integration of iBeacons technology we are paving the way for new connected experiences that keep you in control.



  • QR Codes
  • iBeacons
  • GPS